Apply to Saltire Scholarships

The deadline for Saltire Scholarships applications is Sunday 12 June 2022 at midnight BST.

Before you begin

Before you start the application, make sure you complete the following:

  • check if you are eligible based on the eligibility criteria
  • ensure you have collected the details and documents required for the application. You can find these in other details
  • prepare answers to the 6 essay questions offline with 150 word limit for each.

Essay submission

We recommend you prepare the answers for these questions offline as you cannot save the application once you begin.

Essay questions:

  1. What are your reasons for wanting to study in Scotland?
  2. What are your reasons for choosing your specific university and subject?
  3. How do you think joining the international network of Saltire Scholars will enhance your future career?
  4. How do you think joining the international network of Saltire Scholars will help you to promote Scotland?
  5. What experience and skills do you have in communication (written and presentation skills)?
  6. What experience and skills do you have working with others?

Eligibility criteria

In order to apply to Saltire Scholarships, candidates must meet the following:

Eligibility rules

  • Have a conditional or unconditional offer for a place at a Scottish university on an eligible course that will be delivered physically in Scotland, via distance online learning or via a combination of both.
  • Be a citizen of Canada, India, Japan, USA, Pakistan or China (Hong Kong citizens are also eligible as it is a Special Administrative Region of China).
  • Be able to demonstrate that they can meet the costs of living in Scotland (where this is applicable) and the remaining tuition fees.
  • Not have previously studied in Scotland.
  • Not have previously received a Saltire Scholarship.
  • Meet the language requirements of the course.
  • Complete an application form and submit it by the closing date of Sunday 12 June 2022.

Eligible courses

The course must be a postgraduate Masters level course in one of the following subject areas:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Creative Industries
  • Healthcare and Medical Sciences
  • Renewable and Clean Energy.

Skills and experiences

Applicants must demonstrate:

  • an interest in studying in Scotland and/or at a specific Scottish university
  • the aspiration to work and study in a global context and take a position of leadership in their chosen career
  • a willingness and the necessary interpersonal and communication skills required to participate in the programme of activities that accompanies the scholarships.

Other details you'll need to complete your application

You'll need:

  • your name, email address and nationality
  • your offer details for a place at a Scottish university on an eligible course including Scottish university name, offer status, course or programme applied for.

It usually takes around 10 minutes to complete the form, but don’t worry if it takes you longer.